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Take off your fanboy goggles and breathe. We've been here before

It took me 5 minutes of post movie discussion to realize that something was wrong. I wrote shit down train of thought style, and I keep coming up with more problems anyway here are my ramblings about why this movie kinda sucked.
First off, I love Star Wars. I went in with bated breath. I assumed that it would be better than the force awakens but I wasn’t aiming too high. There are a LOT of issues I personally with TFA but I’ll try not to get in to that. The movie I thought we were going to get from the trailer is not the one we got. This movie was supposed to blow TFA and all it’s problems out of the water and clear the air for the star wars franchise’s future. After the movie I hoped I would be pumped and wowed and be able to say “that was fucking awesome” and by all rights, I believe it should have been. But when walking out of the theater while others were talking about it, was dead silent still pondering what I had just seen. I had some hyped short conversations about what was cool but that faded and I had to remember to take a deep breath and carefully take off my fanboy goggles to really look at it. Let the adrenaline of the ride fade away, because DURING the film it was all new and exciting you couldn’t ponder what you just heard or saw too long, you had to hang on to the ride til it was over. We’ve all made this mistake before and judging by early critic reviews, history has repeated itself again. It’s not the worst movie you’ve ever seen, far from it. But it is not great and I don’t even think it’s good. Mediocre at best. Ex machina all over the place and general poor story telling. And I think im a fairly average star wars fan and try to watch movies for what they are and open minded And I recognize that some of this is just things that I wanted to happen personally and they didn’t so maybe im upset about that. But I do think they are still better options for the story and the characters so take that as you will. So these are the jumbled up ways without much organized thought that TLJ disappoints if not completely upsets. I’ll do my best to remember what I can and just kinda ramble in bits.
1st Poe- I kinda fucking hate this guy so I might be biased here and, he was initially supposed to die in the first one but I guess JJ abrams liked his cute lil face too much but I digress. Anyway an Xwing casually strolling up and then fuck the shit out of a “fleet destroyer” and a bunch of tie fighters completely solo now. And the prank phone call bit? Went on way too long and ended in a ‘yo mama’ joke. Great. And the ww2 gravity style bombing sequence in space even though we’ve got established and better bomber ships. I guess Rose had a sister who flew one of those fat fragile space boats. Also, aren’t ships supposed to have shields? Poe’s xwing is able to Nat20 critical hit and explode everything he points at and so is everyone else and fly away all nimbly bimbly like. I get it he’s a good pilot but cmon. And people are pissed at poe and died because of him. It’s his fault half of the resistance died if you think about it. He straight up mutinied, and directed a dumbass side mission that didn’t matter AT ALL and in fact ruined purple hair admiral’s plan and got most of everyone killed but that just slap his wrist and it’s all “aw it’s ok ur cute” Purple hair admiral. Who are you? Oh I guess a badass thanks to a throwaway line of dialogue. It would’ve been great with her kamikaze sacrifice if we knew her a little more, perhaps introduced her in the first movie? Overall an unremarkable character whose name I had to google but then forgot. It starts with an H. Also, why didn’t the other ships that were sacrificed slam into the badguys if they were just gonna get fuckered anyhow? And the militaristic first order couldn’t tell that a kamikaze situation was coming their way? Ok maybe im getting too critical there. But purple hair shouldn’t have been a character. Her role in my opinion should have been given to Admiral Ackbar as a character. A minor character sure but one that we like and recognize. It would’ve been a pretty badass thing for the old fish to do instead of purple hair but instead he dies off screen and we get a quick line saying “oh yea him? He’s gone” Heck, it would’ve been a cool thing for Leia to do. I know things are weird with her character because of Carrie Fisher’s death and she might’ve had a bigger role but hey, beats what we got and are probably gonna get in 9. Also purple hair’s plan? The ships are cloaked I guess from radar or w/e. I believe ya. But wait the supreme order has yet another superior technology. WINDOWS. Resistance foiled again. (purple hair’s name is holdo just had to google it a second time)
The epically long and slow space car chase scene- Ok so NOW spaceships have shields that ALSO apparently can last for a whole day of bombardment. Pretty literal and strong plot armor. And tractor beams aren’t a thing either anymore? And also the first order could’ve just jumped in front of them right? Or done something other than match speed cruise control. They had fighters and then didn’t use them all of a sudden? Whatever. ‘we forgot to fill up the tank’ is the “plot” of so much of the movie and was neither interesting or exciting.
Luke’s old lightsaber(laser sword). The sword of his father, Anakin skywalker, the sword obiwan kept after defeating him and gifted to Luke on tatooine. The sword he lost when vader severed his hand over cloud city. The sword that Maz somehow found, gave to Rey which gave her spooky visions and ultimately returned to him. How the fuck did she get it? “a story for another time.” Apparently that time is never by the way. Ugh. Luke isn’t shocked at how this sword has come back to him or ask any questions about who the new delivery girl is but instead just comically chucks it off a cliff. Is this just part of his character, showing his disillusionment and dislike of the force and jedi way? Sure didn’t come off that way.
Leia, Overall her character didn’t feel to significant. Nothing too good or too bad. Her one big scene where she uses the force however, kinda sucked and was at the very least visually awful. I think showing Leia using the force for the first time is a cool idea, but they executed it poorly. She firstly somehow survives the explosion and gets sucked out to space then regains consciousness, force pulls herself, and opens a door which somehow also DOESN’T abide by space vacuum rules. Kinda shit right?. What I would’ve liked would be for her to have a 5 seconds of exposition where she force pulls something from poe or someone and says “oh luke taught me some shit” or what have you. THEN have her do something epic where she moves a torpedo out of the way from hitting her or maybe even one of the resistance torpedos from hitting kylo or something? I dunno just spitballing but something better than what we got there. Other than that there’s just not too much there unfortunately to talk about.
Bb8 – you cute little demi-god motherfucker. Drive an AT-ST? sure. Steal ships and befriend master “code breaker” criminals instantly. Ok. You have a slot machine function? Of course. Cant fix a ship? Smash your dome into it, ya dummy. Home-ball cant even go up stairs. I thought you were cool but you got buffed and are now way to OP.
Snoke- scarred, mysterious, immensely force strong, evil mastermind fuckin with Rey and Kylo and everyone. How does Leia, luke, and everyone know him? What are their relationships? Why and how did he corrupt Kylo? Didn’t he say he was gonna train kylo some more or something dumb? How is he so powerful in the force and the supreme leader dude? Why is he disfigured? Well, he’s dead halfway through the movie and nobody wants to tell us so fuck us. I guess Kylo is the big evil? Well ok then whatever. There’s a lot of this movie that I both hate and like somewhat. The ‘how’ of snokes death was kinda cool and surprised me. But how he didn’t see it coming based on his epic power, I dunno man. Oh and remember the knights of ren that he mentioned in TFA and shown in a flashback? Who supposedly helped kylo destroy the jedi temple or something? Who are they? What did they do? Doesn’t matter, we forgot I guess. Finn- a rogue storm trooper as a character sounds sweet, but I think the execution of his entire character is pretty piss poor overall. I like Boyega and his performance is good but his lines in this one made me wince over and over again. The forced humor on the tier of the lowest marvel/Disney movie was everywhere in this film and finn was a big part of it. And every single thing he did in this movie served ZERO purpose. And it was not interesting in the least bit. The space casino scene was mega long, mega bad, and stealing time away what should have been luke’s. Not to mention the irony of Disney preaching about the evilness of greed. Anyway finn. He straight up sucked in this film and him dying and actually doing something would’ve been good and maybe provided some sort of cool martyr thing which is a trope 5 people in this film wanted to do. And I mentioned earlier but his weirdly paced and placed misadventure is the whole reason why half the resistance got blown up apparently. Oh, and how the heck did they walk alllll all the way back across the barren field from the dumb death star battering ram to inside the base again?
Rose- the new character we are supposed to care about cause her sister just died and also likes to randomly kiss people. She wasn’t bad but also was a pointless new addition for whatever reason and didn’t really do jack all except somehow use super speed on her salt speeder thing to save finn. I don’t have much to say here but her character was weird and her character didn’t feel like a good and natural addition. There was an effort at making a new good character but I think it failed. Fuck your Star Vegas side plot Real quick interjection here. At an accelerating rate everyone starts calling themselves ‘rebels.’ I don’t’ think you’re using that word correctly dawg. In the sense with the empire it worked and the rebel alliance slowly and through great difficulty grew in size. You’re the Resistance. And the first order isn’t an established governmental entity? Wait maybe they are? Ack I dunno it bugged the heck out of me. This movie takes place what looks like mere days after TFA. The first order, whose megabase(which I have like 27 issues with on its own) just got blown up. Apparently snapped their fingers and now has supreme domination over everything. Ya they fucked up the republic a bit but I guess they destroyed ALL of it? The new republic is dead just like that huh? The whole New republic/first orderesistance thing is a huge mess and makes no sense. They were the invading bad guys now right? Some remnants of a hyper nutso splinter group of the empire. Oh and they have unlimited resources. And now there are only like 40 good guys anywhere? We got shit for information on the new republic which is what the rebel alliance became right?
Luke- theres a lot here and im gonna forget some of it but ill continue. The premise of him becoming a kind of grey jedi is a good start. And mark hamil is fantastic. Hamil said however when he first read the script, “I fundamentally disagree with every aspect of your portrayal of my character.” Something very similar to that anyway. And I have to agree with the man himself, I disagree with this portrayal of luke. Let’s start with the fact that this man, our moisture farm boy turned alliance hero and jedi knight who committed to finding the good in his fathethe evilest baddest dude in the galaxy. This same but supposedly wiser man, considered murdering his nephew/pupl in his sleep cause he sensed some darkness in his brain. Ok and he fucked up and felt SO guilty that he just ran away from his friends and family to live with space nuns and drink walrus milk/semen forever. But he left behind an epic map with r2 and that old guy in the beginning of TfA and nobody fucking knows who that guy is either? We were led to believe he went to find the first jedi temple to find something or for some epic significance. His whole reason for being there? Ugh Nope. He’s just ‘here to die.’ I liked SOME of the humor like the hand slappy bit but it was too much and the tone of his character was all over the place. Hans death didn’t seem to bother him too much also bugged me. “The jedi order must end but actually JK rey’s gonna do it now and be LAST last jedi. I only ever gave her a couple fortune cookies of force info but she is apparently the best at everything for no explicable reason.” And the shoulder brush taunt thing to kylo? Gtfo dude. What 12 year old wrote that? There were a lot of moments that felt completely out of character. I would’ve liked more of him and rey or him doing anything maybe even a little lightsaber swingin. The force projection thing was cool and a little twist showing how dope luke is but if he was just gonna die into the force Obi-wan style, he could’ve just been there anyway? Also, why did he die? He exerted himself with the force too much? It was dumb and didn’t feel like the proper way to do it at all. I didn’t really feel what I expected to feel when he just died seconds after doing a cool fake out. Also han’s lucky dice thing was another “what?” moment. Like this is some part of hans character that is supposed to be meaningful to everyone I guess. Pretty ‘bleh’ really.
Captain Phasma- ……I mean. Whatever dude. Should have died off screen in the first one. And ‘chrome dome’ really? Cool armor though. Remember the “TRAITOR” guy from the first one with the spark stick? She should’ve been that guy and her ark could just be “FUCK you finn you dick” but there was zero substance with her in both movies. Maybe 2 minutes of screen time total too and we were led to believe otherwise.
Kylo- I actually liked kylo in this one better. His interactions were cool and added a mystery element that was revealed later to just be some more hot garbage. Was a little more interesting and played with his character some but now hes just the big baddy who yells a lot because he wants to be now? Again, why did he become bad exactly because luke scared him in his sleep he decides to kill everyone? How did snoke corrupt him who are his knights and is there anymore to his relationship with Rey or was snoke just prankin everyone. Haha, classic Snoke. But yea I liked him but he’s intertwined with too much other fuckery. Oh yea, and remember in TFA where he is obsessed with everything darth vader? And how the heck did he get his helmet? Not mentioned once in this film. Dude’s just a weirdo who hits the pawn shops on Endor pretty regularly I think. His big showdown with luke was a bit of a let down and how things are gonna go for him. There’s still too much of the ‘why’ to his character. They’re trying to make him more complex and I think there are a hundred different interesting ways they could’ve taken it especially in connection with luke’s new philosophy.
Rey- I’d like to start by saying I like Rey as a protagonist and daisey ridley as an actress. But I’m gonna cut right down to it here. Her parents. It was strongly suggested that her parents were of some significance in the first one. And now she’s a fuckin nobody? She’s just godlike with the force and all sense of combat cause someone told her she should try it sometime? I think some people will be torn on this saying it’s a better call that she’s nobody but for me it makes me give almost no fuck about her now at all. Why is she so OP? Because the force said so or ‘it makes balance that way.’ Why did luke’s old lightsaber call out to her? Just because. Everything with her is ‘just because.’ This backstory feels like even more of a copout than any other theory and makes her into the ultimate mary sue character. Now they might reverse this and kylo was just bullshitting her to manipulate her. That’s what I was immediately thinking in the theater. I don’t think so anymore and if they do that as the twist in the next movie, it would be the shittiest way to do it but I still think it’s better than her as a nobody. This part is probably just be personal opinion but it’s a strong one. Personally I was expecting them to be Solo siblings and I liked that a lot, there were cool elements of that theory. Other major complaint other than her lineage and lil miss perfect shtick, was the mirror scene with the darkness or whatever. What was all that? I didn’t get it really. I get it’s something along the lines of the tree on Dagobah but her experience in it and why it’s there were confusing. I guess she’s just a nobody and that’s the thing.
Oh I almost forgot, remember Maz Kanata the old goggle wise lady who we see fighting while skyping with poe? Anyway, I guess she’s a badass? She is a 1000 year old pirate queen and I had to google that of course because her showing up doing crazy shit and saying to go find some guy who is definitely not benicio del toro was weird. She's another character who our heroes knew but we still don't. I thought she just owned a cool bacastle and collects mcguffins.
General Hux- the highest in command homie without force powers was assigned to comic relief this entire film. Poor dude
C3PO- worth mentioning just cause. This is really close to after the force awakens and he does a little interjection about having a red arm. Then doesn’t now. It’s stupid and trivial but I noticed it I guess and it was another grain of salt on something that already left a sour taste in my mouth.
Yoda- this surprisingly made me smile and I enjoyed his presence immensely. He was a goofy old wise puppet again if only for a brief period. I think some people might be split on this too but this was one thing I liked. Though I still wonder if lukes been able to talk to him any more at all, why yoda decided to show himself then and some other bits about but hey it’s yoda. I love yoda.
Chewbacca and porgs- I don’t like that Chewbacca has been relegated to someone nobody cares about or interacts with but it’s not his story and he cant talk so good so I get it. The porgs were something I thought id hate from the trailer. I felt the same about bb8 from TFA trailer. I liked em though but I will say they were used just a bit too much.
The resistance can track u through hyperspace now just because. Fine Also, the john Williams scores for these movies feel significantly less memorable than any previous installment. Minor complaint but it’s there Also, at least half of the jokes were painfully bad and/or ruined otherwise serious moments There were parts and moments of course that I did like and it wasn’t a bad performance but this movie should have been better. I don’t know why it wasn’t and that bothers me. Rian Johnson I think is the name of the director so I’ll blame him for now. Take the starwars out of this movie and you’ve got a huge mess of a story. With star wars it just felt offensive. Now again, I enjoyed it while I was watching and there were a lot of good elements in the movie. But there certainly is a heck of a lot of bad too. I might sound like this movie should have 5 percent on rotten tomatoes but im certainly confused as to why it’s score is as high as it is. A personal problem with these new movies is that these aren’t stand alone star wars films. They’re apart of THE saga. And all the nastiness from these new movies dribbles down and taints the original trilogy. I might be getting little too bitchy fanboy here but hear me out. If you really think about it, it makes everything from obiwan and yoda escaping order 66 to luke’s hero’s journey, to han and leia’s relationship to end of the second death star feel somewhat worthless now or less than. All the good has been undone and our heroes of old had a shitty son, the new republic is kaput in seconds, and they all die in unhappy, unsatisfying ways. Leia isn’t yet but they’ll have to now sadly. The original trilogy feels…weaker, maybe even pointless I guess connected to these new movies. This is a shitty comparison, but the new movies are akin to the finale of How I Met Your Mother. Among other reasons It was bad because it invalidated so much of the show and character building before it. Like even looking at how important the deathstar was to the plot of the IV and VI and even V in more distant ways. They even made a movie about the struggle to get the plans to destroy the deathstar and how fuckin dope it is and how they got the technology and idea back from the clone wars and had to mine kyber crystals and research and shit. We don’t even know about starkiller base until halfway through the movie where it immediately shotguns through hyperspace several planets and the entire good guy organization. This thing is also hella bigger than the deathstar and more powerful and more impactful and is also soooo easy to infiltrate and destroy. The last Jedi continues smashing away at what the original trilogy created and honestly I thinks makes watching them less enjoyable now that we know what REALLY happens to our beloved heroes. Disney said all the extended universe stuff isn’t canon anymore. But to me, I prefer to imagine episodes 7,8,9 arent canon. There is one motif that star wars has throughout the series and that is one of hope. But I’m afraid that’s just one thing for future star wars installments that I simply don’t have after this. This did not feel like a Star Wars film. It was just a Disney film. There’s a whole spiel I could get into with what I think is a huge problem in the film industry that this movie exemplifies but I wont. But to quote mark hamill again about the industry, “it’s not important if it’s of high quality. Only if it makes money”
The prequels are starting to look a little better with this new lighting. They're bad sure but in a different way. Oh well it's just a movie Forgive my sloppy writing
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Toonami: Pre-Flight Discussion Thread for August 11, 2017

Let's get this weekend started with a new episode of Pre-Flight. For this week's episode we're reviewing Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, talking about our favorite castles, and enjoying some fresh sneak peeks with a couple other goodies too.
Pre-Flight archive link: Pre-Flight episode stream link: Toonami stream
Toonami Pre-Flight episode 128: Castlemania presented by Gill Austin and Jason DeMarco
Summary: Movie of the Week: Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro - background: master thief Lupin III journeys to the European country of Cagliostro after the money from a casino heist turns out to be counterfeit; along the way he runs into Clarisse, the princess of Cagliostro, and attempts to save her from being married to the Count of Cagliostro - released on December 15, 1979 - 54 out of 100 on Paste Magazine's top 100 anime films of all time list - the feature film debut of Hayao Miyazaki - the European setting plays to Miyazaki's strengths and gives perspective on how later films in his career would look - some Lupin fans have criticized this film for making Lupin a bit too honorable over when he chooses to steal, but other than that it's a fun film - do you happen to remember seeing parts of this film anywhere else? Turns out clips of it were used in the real-time Laserdisc game Cliff Hanger - if you want to watch this edition of Lupin's wacky adventures, you'll have too find an old version or get a copy from somewhere outside the U.S.; Disney doesn't own the rights for distribution in the U.S.
Question of the Week: What's your favorite castle? - Jason: Minas Morgul,The Castle (The Castle), and Hyrule Castle (Breath of the Wild) - Gill: Howl's Moving Castle, Castle Black, and Barad Dur - Adult Swim FB: Frank Castle, Howl's Moving Castle, Anor Londo (Dark Souls), Castle Wyvern (Gargoyles), and White Castle - Toonami FB: Howl's Moving Castle, Dracula's Castle, Frank Castle, Hyrule Castle, and Laputa
Sneak Peek: Spoiler - Spoiler
Sneak Peek 2: Spoiler - Spoiler - Spoiler
Moving Pictures: Heavy Metal - an anthology movie based on Heavy Metal magazine, this movie is full of science fiction and fantasy stories that contain a good amount of violence and sexual content - based on a similar french series named Metal Hurlant - a semi-poplar adult animated film when it first premiered in 1981, the film wasn't released on home video until 1996 due music licensing rights issues - among the stories in the film, Jason's favorite are Den, Harry Canyon, and B-17 - Tarna is by the most memorable story and appears to be what inspired that particular South Park episode featuring Kenny - some sections of the movie are definitely better than others, but the different animation styles and varying stories make it worth checking out - have a suggestion for Jason, maybe even the sequel, Heavy Metal 2000? Send him a tweet @clarknova1 for his next Moving Pictures segment
Adult Swim Singles - a new song will drop every Wednesday, be ready to download! - this week enjoy listening to "Zoro" by Lord Raja
DOOM - do you need more music in your life? of course you do which is why you need another 15 weeks of music, running concurrently with Adult Swim Singles - be sure the check out the Adult Swim website each week to pick up a new song from DOOM's new album The Missing Notebook Rhymes!
We may have finished another Pre-Flight, but no worries, it will be next week before we all know it. Enjoy the finale of Ghost in the Shell and get hyped for the return of Outlaw Star!
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BIP39 Words list

Nothing special, just a copy of the current list (for the future) of what can be found at
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Trying To Use Monopoly Money At A Vegas Casino! - YouTube

Shoutout Ed Bassmaster for the hacker bit! Had to give it a try boys! Legend.SUBSCRIBE TO NELK FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY: VIDEO: ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This is episode #3 of the Last Ride - Defunct roller coaster series! Here are the roller coasters that are featured in this episode below! DAISARASAURUS - EXPOLAND (JAPAN) DEJA VU - SIX FLAGS OVER ... Fireworks At Cliff Castle Casino 2016 in Camp Verde, Arizona. Former jewel thief, Larry Lawton, reviews scenes from famous heist movies including 'Ocean's Eleven,' 'The Italian Job,' 'Heat,' 'Fast Times at Ridgemont Hig... Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 3 Stars Hotel in Camp Verde, Arizona Within US Travel Directory Featuring a casino and 3 restaurants, this hotel is 30 minutes’ dri... Cliff Castle Casino & Hotel Destination - Duration: 0:31. Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 6,117 views. 0:31. Protesters fight possible Gila River diversion - Duration: 2:41. KRQE Recommended for you. 2 ... Cliff Castle Casino Hotel 976 views. 1:14. PILOT DIES, Passenger Lands King Air - Duration: 43:07. FS MaNiA Recommended for you. 43:07. Crew Demo-2 SpaceX 180,578 watching. Live now; TOP 4 Best ... This hotel is near many area attractions including Montezuma astle National Monument, Cliff Castle Casino and the Verde Canyon Railroad. Jerome, a historic ghost town, is only 25.7 km from the ... MMGY Global produced commercial for Argosy Casino. Learn more about our work: